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created:March 29, 2016
karma: 1910
about: Soham Chowdhury

https://mrkgnao.github.io - chow dot soham at gmail - @mrkgrnao

"Fancy number theorist"-in-training with a love for things that shouldn't be related but are, and enthusiast of all things that tend not to give up their secrets easily. I enjoy writing expository material on things I understand well and on things I don't understand well enough: usually on my blog, but sometimes in really long, extensively- and nonlinearly-annotated HN comments.

Certified Haskell Evangelism Strikeforceâ„¢ agent/proselytizer, currently exploring Idris and PureScript. Expressive typesystems are cool, especially if your dependent types are good enough to write super-inefficient matrix multiplication for you.

Fan of Márquez, Tigran Hamasyan, Randall Munroe, Tosin Abasi, Snarky Puppy, Bach, Greg Egan, Ravel, Miles Davis, Coltrane, Pink Floyd, and \mathbf otherwise.

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