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created:June 16, 2007
karma: 1243
about: whoami ------- Stayed with a friend in Harvard Square to attend the first startup school, and to pester a couple of very nice SFP founders about what they would do if they lived in a small town and had no co-founder. (I know, I know).

Startup School changed my life in an unexpected way: I realized that I could change my location to make my life better. This did not result in me moving to Silicon Valley.

Instead, for the next 7 years, I spent 9 months of each year in remote Pacific South America, doing volunteer work with friends - and surfing, quite a lot during the good season! Each year I'd return and do about 3 months of contract programming on-site with great teams.

In 2014 I moved back to the States and married someone from my hometown. But I continue working remotely as much as possible.

Like pg says, lots of good projects, to really do them right, have to be companies. For that reason I can't rule out doing a startup some day. But it would have to be pretty good, because it has a lot to compete with.

superluc@gmail.com http://blog.maketogether.com/ http://github.com/mrluc