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created:3165 days ago
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about: We manufacture the many-core FPGA and ASIC SiliconSqueak processor family. Reinvented the internet with secure openflow (SDN/NDN) open hardware switches and routers from 1 to 80 Gbps, $150 per home, $500 for 8x10Gbps switches. See (unfinished!) websites http://morphle.org or http://siliconsqueak.org. Products for sale now, Q1 2014, including SFP+ lasers and such. Mass production in Q2 2014 will lower prices to $50 for 8x1Gbps, $200 for 8 x 10 Gbps, including 802.11ac wifi.

We are a Research foundation that is inviting, funding and organizing a global federation of co-operatives (and companies) of Neighborhood DIY ISP's that can offer professional, secure and anonymous fiber to the home and farm internet at speeds of 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps up to 80 Gbps based on our switches. We invite everyone who wants to participate or start their own ISP with our help. We currently have more then 1100 km of backbone on three continents for everyone to hook up their DIY ISP at cost price. We can also set up new backbones, neutral internet exchanges and submarine cables in other area's. We produce our own open source hardware switches and routers with fiber, copper ethernet and wifi. You can reach us at aart at knoware dot nl We will provide courses, tools and investment for anyone willing to attempt to built an ISP, provide privacy protection is your intent. I started the first public internet provider in my country, to indicate that we have some prior experience.

We welcome women, developers, scientist, Phd students and HN type co-founders to work with or for us to build out this system to regain anonymity and privacy while providing gigabit+ speeds. We welcome ISP's and communities to use our open hardware and backbone at cost price.