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created:September 12, 2012
karma: 483
about: Over 17 years of designing and developing applications using many technologies such as: Java, Swing, XML, JavaScript, XHTML and CSS for thin-client, cross browser, multi-platform, n-tiered applications with UX a high priority.

Recently, several years of experience in the full development lifecycle of Objective-C and iOS applications from conception to App Store.

Expertise in the area of OOAD and well rounded in design patterns.

Continuous use of Apache webserver, Nginx, Tomcat, Jetty, Weblogic and other web server technologies running on OS X, various Linux flavors, and Windows.

Enthralled with NoSQL solutions such as MongoDB and CouchDB.

Experience above curiosity in Erlang,Ruby and Lisp(s).

I own a Raspberry Pi and my AppleTV runs XBMC.