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created:August 1, 2010
karma: 1141
about: Banned from "Hacker News" for taking a pro-science, anti-AGW position. Yep, banned for political incorrectness!

You gotta love a "social" news site where the moderators ban people for having unpopular opinions, even though their average karma is 3. Doesn't matter that I was making a net positive contribution to the site.

Banned by cowards who don't have the integrity to disagree publicly, but are more than happy to shut me up.

Which is exactly why this site has increasingly become like dig-- mono-voiced. How very "social"!

It is unfortunate that I didn't disagree with Paul Graham earlier, or I would have gotten banned before getting more invested in the site. Paul Graham- you are a coward who will not defend your positions and instead bans people. Shame on you.