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created:August 3, 2010
karma: 314
about: My name is Visnja Zeljeznjak. I'm a writer and entrepreneur living in Croatia, EU.

I'm a co-founder and writer at https://www.simpfinity.com/ - one-in-all web app where digital agencies create proposals & invoices, manage tasks & projects and support their clients in one place.

In June 2014 I wrote a book called "Recurring Revenue For Web Agencies": https://www.simpfinity.com/hnp/rrwebook/ It teaches web designers and web developers how to turn their support, maintenance and business-growth-oriented client services into profitable and sustainable monthly revenue streams. I've personally invested countless hours deciding, planning, building, selling, and organizing my own agency's recurring revenue, but it was worth it. Today my agency gets 89% of its revenues from recurring sources. The book saves people time and helps them avoid the mistakes I made.

I co-founded a web development company http://www.logit.net/ in 2002. This helped me develop my expertise in business, sales, marketing, managing web development projects, and dealing with clients.

My personal website: http://www.luckyisgood.com/

The best way to get in touch with me is where I hang out daily:

-Google+ http://www.luckyisgood.com/plus/ -Twitter http://www.twitter.com/luckyisgood