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created:November 22, 2014
karma: 3039
about: I'm Lewis Liu, a Product Engineer currently working on frontent at Brex.

I take the utmost pride in building great web apps that people use and love, in discovering bleeding-edge tech and adopting the ones that can enhance developer productivity and create better user experiences, and in writing simple, expressive code that's a pleasure to read, change and extend.

I'm currently happily employed at Brex, so chances are, I won't be responding to any recruitment offers (you're still welcome to try if you think you might have something up my alley), but feel free to shoot me a message if you just want to nerd out about frontend development and/or functional programming. :)

[ my public key: https://keybase.io/lewisl9029; my proof: https://keybase.io/lewisl9029/sigs/I1p4uPDwJzNS77XFsniH2D39RA-Q9BRwRghPFp974XU ]