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created:November 22, 2014
karma: 2834
about: I'm Lewis Liu, a Product Engineer currently working with the Growth team at CircleCI.

I take the utmost pride in building great web apps that people use and love, in discovering bleeding-edge tech and adopting the ones that can enhance developer productivity and create better user experiences, and in writing simple, expressive code that's a pleasure to read, change and extend.

I'm a huge fan of functional programming, especially as it pertains to the front end. I firmly believe the current state of the art techniques for building simple, performant and extensible front ends involve modeling the UI around a single immutable app state tree and a set of pure functions that handle transitions between different states, as popularized by Elm and various ClojureScript frameworks and adopted in the JS world by Redux.

I'm currently happily employed at CircleCI, so chances are, I won't be responding to any recruitment offers (you're still welcome to try if you think you might have something up my alley), but feel free to shoot me a message if you just want to nerd out about frontend development and/or functional programming. :)

[ my public key: https://keybase.io/lewisl9029; my proof: https://keybase.io/lewisl9029/sigs/I1p4uPDwJzNS77XFsniH2D39RA-Q9BRwRghPFp974XU ]