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created:November 22, 2014
karma: 3243
about: I'm Lewis Liu, former engineer at Brex, CircleCI, Metabase, Rangle.io. Currently consulting with Finch while building out Reflame: https://reflame.app/

Reflame came out of the frustration I continue to experience with the current state of frontend dev tooling and infrastructure. I've worked with some of the most amazingly talented frontend teams I could ever hope to work with, and we were always able to ship great software to customers at a breakneck pace when it truly mattered.

But looking back, this was in spite of the tooling and workflows that were available to us. At almost every step past local development, the tools and workflows we used ended up removing our ability to iterate with an tight and effective feedback loop, which I firmly believe is _the_ key to developer productivity.

The feedback loop is why many of us fell in love with local frontend dev tooling when we first started working with frontend, and why we keep pushing the envelope to tighten the feedback loop further and further, starting from manual reloading that took on the order of seconds, to live reloading that automatically reloaded as we saved, to hot reloading that preserved app state with sub-second latencies, and most recently to fast refresh that can achieve latencies in the double digit miliseconds.

Reflame is an reimagining of the end to end frontend development workflow that will empower us to _ship_ software with the instantaneous feedback loop that we love, not just develop with it locally.

If that sounds interesting to you, please head over to https://reflame.app/ and add yourself to the waiting list. Or feel free to shoot over an email to hi @ the same domain or a DM to https://twitter.com/lewisl9029 if you want to learn more, or just want to geek out about frontend dev. :)