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created:June 16, 2015
karma: 10
about: We’re a Minneapolis, MN-based early-stage tech company that is building some of the hottest leads generation and marketing conversion software in the industry. We're a fun group of talented craftspeople who take pride in what we do! We value each other's opinions, accept our failures, think in full color and believe in things like "best idea wins"​. Regardless of which department you're in, your part of a team of builders and you play a pivotal role in our success.

​We won't lie to you, our interview process is rigorous and not everybody makes it through. However, if you join the team here, you will be surrounded by some of the brightest, most dedicated people in your field and (here's the best part) no egos! Culture means the world to us at Leadpages, and we're fierce protectors of the community we've built.​ We have a firm "no jerks" policy and we stand by it 100%.

It's energizing to work with folks who know the value of understanding the human problem that they are trying to solve for... People who are genuinely curious and want to understand the motivations behind why we do the work that we do as engineers. We are a team of people who are willing to be flexible and shift gears if that means pausing on a certain task to help somebody move something else across the finish line.​

If you thrive in an environment that values proactive collaboration, getting outside of your comfort zone, thinking about things pragmatically (simplify and reduce!)​, and want to be part of a team of self-directed leaders, then you should be at Leadpages + Drip!