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created:912 days ago
about:I am a freelance software developer. I dream about a world where we catch as much as possible at time of compilation, a world where new programming languages aren't created on whims and the profession no longer suffers from Not Invented Here syndrome, but maybe it just can't be. Until then, I'll keep fighting the good fight. @jrdkmbl

I am currently working on contact management system for call centers for a small company. It's the usual array of DB access, webserver and AJAX/websockets. The product is exclusively in Ada though it relies on Freeswitch currently and has recently allowed some Python scripting for calls. The front-end is handled by Ada Web Server which is a rather good Ada HTTP library among other things. Mounds of concurrency and threading in the product back-end.

Another project is to bring public fiber to Omaha.

SEEKING WORK - Remote with onsite visits. Based in Omaha, Nebraska