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created:February 6, 2008
karma: 1026
about: Founder and Curator at www.nimonik.com - a web start-up on environmental, health, and safety regulations with an iOS app for performing audits in the field.

Site: http://www.nimonik.com

I also work on open-data and open government via Montreal Ouvert (http://www.montrealouvert.net), which works on opening city of Montreal Data.

I am also a co-founder on Open North, a canadian non-profit that builds apps around government data. Some of the projects I helped on:

http://www.patinermontreal.com http://www.resto-net.ca. http://www.budgetplateau.com

I have another startup that I am looking for a co-founder on. It is in the consumer market and is growing nicely.

My personal blog @ http://www.jonathanbrun.com