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created:August 28, 2008
karma: 9954
about: Hi,

Work: https://www.44con.com Work 2.0: https://rawhex.com/ Work 3.0: https://www.mandalorian.com

Twitter: stevelord Mastodon: stevelord@mastodon.social

Reddit: thatstevelord

Mail: steve {at} rawhex {dot} com

Or: steve {at} 44con {dot} com

44Con is the UK's biggest combined security conference and training event. I run the training and CTF, and do some security research on the side.

Raw Hex is a place where I teach things. At the moment, the main thing is the HIDIOT but I'm starting to work on my next project.

In my spare time, I write a fortnightly newsletter strictly for funzies called Tales From The Dork Web: https://thedorkweb.substack.com/

My topcolor is f6f6ef - if like me you're not keen on topcolors.