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created:March 9, 2007
karma: 12001
about: iamwil@gmail.com

DIRT protocol: Crowdsource lists of trusted information with tokens. https://dirtprotocol.com

Helmspoint: Deploy Keras ML models. https://app.helmspoint.com

Making VR demos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQAFp4_P6bM&list=PLPDqpcNm-N2cXTL31pcnBEISlFcCxDb6W

Open to answering questions about technology or markets: markets: Cryptocurrencies, VR, Smartwatches, 3D printing, early stage startups, and YC. technologies: Solidity, ReasonML, Elixir, Elm, Javascript, Ruby, OpenSCAD,

Github repo: http://github.com/iamwilhelm Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/iamwil

Previously: https://www.pebble.com/ https://cubehero.com http://noteleaf.com https://techcrunch.com/2008/10/23/frogmetrics-handheld-surveys-you-might-actually-want-to-fill-out/ YC W11

[ my public key: https://keybase.io/iamwil; my proof: https://keybase.io/iamwil/sigs/7Gcxqk6PCJV4g9kIxDK-Ca10o9iRSIZgZCIEFZ-ClAE ]