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created:August 30, 2014
karma: -5
about: I work for https://github.com/heart-os I want to help the world grow, Mechanical Turks, Paying Schools, lots of Love and Good AND HONEST Ideas. Here is how I described HEART:

We are making the world better by bringing forth a new era in education and thus cultures worldwide, we aim to eliminate student debt by paying students for their efforts in schools.

We begin by paying our Mechanical Turk Workers from all around the globe in hopes of adding to the efforts of eliminating World Poverty.

In the long run, aiding in efforts for reaching Wold Peace by furthering Global Cultural Convergence on Wisdom and Good Ideas.

All via the safety and security afforded by this simple idea of Paying for Good Progress in School. A Grand Project funded by a technologically realistic alternative to Strong Artificial Intelligence, a self sustaining, repairing and expanding Mechanical Turk. An intelligence governed by millions of minds from all around the globe.

Visit us: http://heart-os.github.io/heart/