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created:1877 days ago
about:I am professional WEB systems architect and developer, currently working as an enterprise consultant for Morgan Stanley.

Specializing in the following areas:

- Design and implementation of security, fraud detection and data loss prevention solutions. - Development of custom Splunk Financial Fraud Investigation and Alerting Apps and Dashboards. - Development of solutions to detect and neutralize known and unknown threats to online banking, financial and e-commerce industries. - Development and deployment of solutions based on IBM TeaLeaf Enterprise Analytics platform. - Advanced data analytics, custom fraud investigation and anomaly detection applications and dashboards for Splunk analytics. - Development of scalable web applications and web services (ASP.NET, Sitecore, C#, Ruby on Rails, Typesafe stack, Scala, Play Framework). - Design and development of WEB Applications in ecommerce areas (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP, Javascript/jQuery/AJAX/REST/JSON, WEB APIs). - Secure digital information delivery and data access management solutions. - Solutions related to integration of different payment protocols and processors within custom web applications. - Development of custom plugins and extensions for content management systems (Wordpress) - Development and implementation of solutions allowing to process payment with digital crypto currencies such as bitcoin. Implementation of secure, fast bitcoin payment protocols utilizing master public keys.

In my past career I worked within IBM T.J Watson and Alcatel-Lucent Research environments on advanced projects related to anti-virus development, security and electronic commerce applications.

Custom Data Analytics solutions and security applications are my primary interests.

Specialties: Web, mobile and e-commerce application development.

Certifications: - Splunk Certified Knowledge Manager. - Website .NET Developer Certification for Sitecore CMS 7.0, certified developer. - Sitecore DMS 2.0 Fundamentals for Marketers Certification (DMC).

Email: gesman@mensk.com Linkedin: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/glebesman/en