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created:1872 days ago
karma: 3356
about: My name is Jon Purdy, 25-year-old former Rochester Institute of Technology student (Multidisciplinary Studies, New Media, Chinese Language) and self-taught programmer. I blog[1] from somewhere in the intersection of computing and language. My main interests are programming languages and design. I used to work as a compiler developer at Spaceport.io[2], then I worked on Site Integrity at Facebook, now I’m on the Mono performance team at Xamarin. I spend my spare time on a compiler for a statically typed concatenative programming language, Kitten[3]. You can email me[4] about anything.

[1]: http://evincarofautumn.blogspot.com/

[2]: http://spaceport.io/

[3]: https://github.com/evincarofautumn/kitten

[4]: evincarofautumn@gmail.com