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created:July 16, 2013
karma: 3595
about: Writer, quadriplegic, automator of things, inveterate geek and trainee Security Monkey™.

I founded robotsandcake.org and co-founded Inventability.net; my personal blog lives at EscapologyBB.com.

I'm robotsandcake or escapologybb pretty much all over the Internet. Hit me up at hn@robotsandcake.org or on Keybase.io if you want to work on something together or just need to chat about spark plugs. Either is fine.

My public key: https://keybase.io/robotsandcake; My proof: https://keybase.io/robotsandcake/sigs/QEWWu6JI2x50Dta04Ofjt9qCh8CTXpgO8WR5HdnHFLs