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created:April 12, 2011
karma: 16569
about: Hey! I've recently written the best background job processing framework for NodeJS: TaskBotJS. Check it out at [ https://edboxes.com/taskbotjs.html ].

As an independent consultant, I've shipped mobile apps, I've written code from kernel-mode drivers to React and most stuff in between, and I'm comfortable helping teams figure out their product and process challenges. These days I predominantly consult in the DevOps space, but whether it's cloud architecture, a tough programming challenge, or assistance with building a resilient SDLC that'll get you through the next phase of your company, let's talk.

I can be reached at ed@edropple.com or @edropple on Twitter. I like hearing from (polite) people, so don't be shy, and if you're in Boston or live somewhere I'm traveling I'd love to buy you a cup of coffee.

Must-read posters: 'dragonwriter, 'tptacek, 'idlewords, 'patio11, 'toomuchtodo.

[ my public key: https://keybase.io/eropple; my proof: https://keybase.io/eropple/sigs/o9U8phHSrpBd_HL4r_Fb_hutO3mrRucKWwIFL7dquhI ]

[ kismet code: 466c33867cd5133ea8ef08676531aa3cc257284ba80e8785c70adfcdbc2ef4d8 ]