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created:March 11, 2010
karma: 7502
about: Hello HN'ers!

Looking to get in touch? edan@hipposys.com.

I'm the CEO of PurpleBit Ltd, a Software Consulting Company which does everything form Design Documents to building software. We are experts in Web and Mobile, and love working on new and interesting projects, so check us out: www.PurpleBit.com.

My History: I started off as a programmer, worked for around 6 years as an embedded systems programmer, then started my first startup. Several startup attempts later, my 2 brilliant co-founders and I decided the startup game isn't where we want to be, so we switched to building our Software Consultancy.

If you want to get in touch for any reason, feel absolutely free to talk to me: edan@hipposys.com. I love talking with anyone on HN.

People I pay attention to on HN:

pg patio11 tptacek grellas

Many others, but can't remember all the names right now.

View more info about me at: http://www.hackernewsers.com/users/edanm.html