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created:November 8, 2008
karma: 11119
about: Dell Charles Toedt III. Call me "D.C.," because of the Roman numeral. My last name is pronounced "Tate."

Lawyer and neutral arbitrator in Houston (licensed in California also). Part-time law professor.

Author of the "On Contracts" online notebook for contract drafters, reviewers, teachers, and students; includes the Common Draft prototype clauses with extensive research notes and commentary; see http://www.OnContracts.com/notebook

Startup Law 101 -- my periodically-updated page of notes and links: http://www.OnContracts.com/startup-law

Also: my Questioning Christian site, http://www.QuestioningChristian.org (lying fallow at the moment)

More: http://www.OnContracts.com/About

Email: dc@toedt.com.

Here on HN I follow: 'grellas 'patio11 'rayiner 'tptacek 'DannyBee 'ChuckMcM