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created:November 8, 2008
karma: 12307
about: I'm Dell Charles Toedt III. I've gone by "D.C." since birth because of the Roman numeral. My last name is pronounced "Tate."

Lawyer and neutral arbitrator in Houston (licensed in California also). Part-time law professor.

Author of the "On Contracts" online notebook for contract drafters, reviewers, teachers, and students; includes the Common Draft prototype clauses with extensive research notes and commentary; see http://www.OnContracts.com/notebook

Startup Law 101 -- my periodically-updated page of notes and links: http://www.OnContracts.com/startup-law

Also: my Questioning Christian site, http://www.QuestioningChristian.org (lying fallow at the moment)

More: http://www.OnContracts.com/About

Email: dc@toedt.com.

Here on HN I follow: 'grellas 'patio11 'rayiner 'tptacek 'DannyBee 'ChuckMcM 'DoreenMichele