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created:November 3, 2015

I build things on the Internet: websites, games, Open Source software, and digital experiments. My current long-term project is Loop Thesis (loop-thesis.com), an old-school arena shooter with asynchronous multiplayer time-travel.

You can find out more about me at danshumway.com (danshumway.com/rss.xml). You can also read my statement of beliefs on digital rights at anewdigitalmanifesto.com.

Looking to hire? Check out my resume at danshumway.com/resume/base and get in touch!

Looking to contact me for other reasons? Send an email to hackernews@<mydomain>, but I can unfortunately make no promises that I'll see it or reply. I check those emails very irregularly, and I will likely ignore attempts to move/continue on-site conversations/threads off-site.