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created:October 26, 2016
karma: 3401
about: My passion is computing. Its history, its present, and its future. Whether it's the Arduino, robotics, machine learning, PHP, BASIC, or Golang - all that and more are of my interest. I've played with so much, I couldn't list it all even if I wanted to. Currently I hack with javascript and nodejs; prior to that I was a long-time PHP developer, with a smidgen of Golang for some Docker stuff. I think Octave is amazing, and I love Python. C/C++ and Java don't get much action from me, but I think they're great languages all the same, and I wouldn't hesitate to use them in a new project if needed. I have a dream of a beowulf cluster of ATMega2560s stuffed in a 1U case, then racked with others. Why? Dunno - I just think it would be cool.