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created:June 14, 2009
karma: 3602
about: Current projects:

- just wrapped up a machine vision project for analyzing golf ball velocity and spin as they leave the club (OpenCv/C++/3D math)

- a data logging/analysis application for laser welding (WPF/C#)

- the display for a radar system (OpenGL/C++)

Before that, I spent a few years working on Windows/WPF/C#/C++/machine vision applications for aiming lasers [muu hah, hahha!].

Weekends you can usually find me working on old Porsches, biking (mtn & road), kayaking or neglecting my lawn.

Web: 3drocketsurgery.com web: www.chrisbennet.com email: chrishn@3drocketsurgery.net