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created:September 15, 2009
karma: 365
about: I'm Michael Woods. Some people call me Michael, others call me Mike, and, at least when there are other Michaels around, I respond to "Woods" as well. I live in Los Angeles where I'm involved in all sorts of things, from table tennis tournaments, to educational outreach and carpentry. I'm a physicist by training—that means that I like to think in logical terms about everything that I encounter, though it also means I'm easily distracted by fancy words like "quadrupole" and "wavefunction"—and a renaissance man at heart—a fancy way of saying that I'm interested in, and involved with, everything I can manage, and some things that I can't. I love poppyseed rolls, meeting new people, and using em dashes—.

email: carpdiem <at> gmail <dot> com