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created:June 25, 2008
karma: 2450
about: CO-founder & co-director at http://akvo.org

Akvo is always looking for, UX designers, product managers, technical consultants, developers and more.

We build open source data systems which we run as a service that are used in international development and increasingly in country governance.

We span from 25 to 50+ years old in our developer team. If you are good at a combination of (any combo will do): UX design, open data, noSQL, Clojure, visualisations/dashboards, Java, Python, Django, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, web design, dev/ops, Linux sys admin, Kubernetes, Docker, QA, Wordpress (themes/plugin building/php); well, then we may have open positions. Half time to full time. Working in one of our tech hubs in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Stockholm, Helsinki.


If nothing is listed that fits you at the moment, don't hesitate to contact me anyway. We are going to be recruiting in several teams in the next couple of months.

(Why bjelkeman-again? Because Hacker News didn't have a password retrieval system and I missplaced mine.)