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created:January 18, 2013
karma: 738
about: Arthur Collé

If you're interested in mathematics, crypto-assets, stochastic processes, chaos theory, learning systems, and extremely futuristic technologies in general, both on the software and hardware side - send me a message.

Ethereum pre-sale investor and cryptoassets/Bitcoin research & development since 2014. Knowledgeable in distributed systems development, and Web programming in general. Polyglot programmer in Ruby, Python, Elixir, Erlang.

hello@arthurcolle.com (personal)

arthur@collegroup.com (business)

2015-2017: Technology/engineering roles at $(BIG_BANK).

2017-2018: Structured products trading at $(BIG_BANK)

2018-????: Special projects

[ my public key: https://keybase.io/arthurcolle; my proof: https://keybase.io/arthurcolle/sigs/kn7N93QZtLBQSJLSj9XlextnIVvEMzBqXt04Okj2zGM ]