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created:3412 days ago
karma: 7980
about: andrew@acooke.org


A friend and I have a service (consultancy is too fancy a word) solving "hard problems". More info at http://www.parti.cl


Huge amount of experience including (with a few examples):

- Parsers/DSLs/types. http://acooke.org/portfolio/lepl/

- Hardware control and calibration. http://acooke.org/portfolio/seismic-cal/

- Web / data management. http://acooke.org/portfolio/data-access http://acooke.org/portfolio/practicl

- Numerical / GPU. http://acooke.org/cute/APractical0.html

- ESBs/Messaging (worked for Mule).

- Random web + Python stuff. http://colorlessgreen.net

Love solving interesting problems with software.


Based in Santiago Chile, telecommute world-wide. Was once a physicist and astronomer (like, a real one, with a PhD).