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created:March 3, 2010
karma: 546
about: I am @aac on Twitter.

Currently: - Helping founders improve their pitch decks with Deck.vc - Advising a startup

Previously: - EIR at Techstars in Philadelphia - Recurse Center, Spring 2, 2017. - Founder of Cover. Raised $7M. Acquired in 2015. - Pitchbot, dealflow CRM for angels and VCs (2012). - Venture Hacker at AngelList. Operations, community, and code. (2011-2012) - Summer Associate Intern at IA Ventures. Deals, financial models, working with portfolio companies. (2011) - Founder of Quirk. QR codes for social media follows before Snapchat and Messenger did it. (2010) - PS3 engine programmer. Naughty Dog and PlayStation. Assembly for fun and profit. And speed. Mostly speed. (2006-2009) - Carnegie Mellon. MS and BS in CS.