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created:March 20, 2014
about:Just a NR talking with other naive realists: naive realism as a defining cultural trait of HN:

It operates as the manifestation of two ingrained beliefs:

1. When considering any question I must be rational and logical to the point of dismissing any unverifiable data as preposterous. (The idea that "I'm a logical person, all the subjective ideas you have, all the speculation you have... I don't care. I only go by the facts, I make my decisions based on those facts.")

Yet at the same time, the person holding this idea also holds this in their mind as well:

2. When considering any question, I'm going to assume that the information we currently have is all the information that will ever be available.

The problem: We use logic, but on the basis that everything we know currently is all there is to know about this thing. - Chuck Klosterman