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created:January 26, 2009
about:Hi. I'm Walter Rader. In 1996, there were no slang dictionaries on the web that took user contributions. So I created one. I called it The Online Slang Dictionary. It still going after nearly 25 years!

I'm a Software Engineer with more than 15 years of experience across all stages of the software development life-cycle. I've worked in a variety of industries; at companies huge (100k+ employees,) small (30 - 60,) and tiny (my own); and have shipped code in 10 languages.

As of October 2022, I am actively exploring new opportunities in the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento metropolitan areas.

My resume is available on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/waltergr

You can reach me at waltergr@gmail.com


Here are some cool features of a couple of my more visible sites:


* Usage statistics

* Vulgarity ratings

* Maps that show where slang is used

* More of the interesting features are listed here: http://onlineslangdictionary.com/pages/about/



* An analysis of the offensiveness of English works in the Project Gutenberg corpus.

* This analysis used >250,000 vulgarity votes cast on The Online Slang Dictionary.

* Analyses of more corpora are in planning.



* Put a pin in a global map for a word or phrase. (Think: "hashtags plus location".)

* This site powers the "I use this word - put me on the map!" feature of The Online Slang Dictionary.