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created:November 19, 2009
about:Australian in San Francisco focused on making the rapid deep learning advances usable by anyone.

gcc startup.c -o ./startup

I hold a Masters in Computational Science & Engineering from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Information Technology (First Class Honours + University Medal) from the University of Sydney.


- Deep learning: As a senior research scientist at Salesforce Research (via the MetaMind acquisition), I established multiple state-of-the-art results in deep learning research, primarily language modeling, beating results from Google, Facebook, and other strong research groups.

- Big data: Lone engineer at Common Crawl where I produced crawl archives comprising of over 34 billion URLs (~2.5 petabytes).

- STEM education: First employee of Grok Learning, an online interactive platform tailored to teach high school students programming, which teaches tens of thousands of students per year. Nearly spent a decade at the National Computer Science School in Australia where we teach 100+ high school students per year programming at an intensive summer school.

Say hi! =]

Email: smerity@smerity.com

Website: http://smerity.com

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