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created:2631 days ago
karma: 14900
about: Contact me to join Health Techies, a discussion group.

My name is Michele. That should've been my HN handle, but: http://micheleincalifornia.blogspot.com/2014/03/mz-not-feminist-handle.html

I'm a medically handicapped divorced single mom. Online forums are more important to my ability to keep my sanity than I wish were so. Thus, I sometimes post and comment quite a lot.

On 01/29/15, my karma hit 10k. It seems I am currently the only woman here with karma in the 5 digits. Long before that, HN was more drama for me than I wanted it to be. I eventually figured out it was largely due to me being "prominent" for a woman here, which seemed surreal because I was so ridiculously short of the leaderboard and because I never managed to get a tech job, in spite of having a Certificate in GIS.



Gmail: talithamichele

Twitter: @TalithaMichele