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created:1310 days ago
karma: 465
about: DoBots! I am kickstarting this startup in the Netherlands to bring robots and smart devices to the masses!

My expertise is in situated machine learning. I like to use algorithms to address contemporary problems in robotics and big data. I prefer to work with many techniques, from gene regulatory networks, reservoir computing, self-propelled particle systems, to mainstream methods in system identification and statistics.

I am a researcher who loves to program (since I was 10, in 1990), see https://github.com/mrquincle. I'm a Linux guy. I don't fight language wars (I worked with C++, C, Javascript, Python, Java, Basic, Delphi). I love software, but know hardware, from robots (Replicator, Moway, Nabaztag, Rover, Roomba, Parrot, Mindstorm NXT, Gatewing X100) to microcontrollers MSP, Blackfin, ARM, PIC, ATmega645.

Currently, I supervise robotic research at Almende and DoBots in commercial and research projects. From finding a fire with UAVs, to robot localization in a supermarket. We have a nice small team and I've had the pleasure to supervise many master students in their research.

I love science!