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created:December 14, 2012
karma: 3037
about: First love was software, but I work closely with hardware now (embedded engineer).

I live and work in Boston.

Anything I say is my own personal opinion, not my employer's.

Startups/new-ish companies I am rooting against: * Theranos: All icing, no cake * Zynga/King/freemium games: emotionally abusive games * Airbnb / Uber: Laws are for other people * FanDuel/DraftKings: See Airbnb/Uber, except sleazier because of midnight Congressional shenanigans[1]. * Square: Haven't found a business model that works, dumping stock onto public. [Update: Looks like the stock is stable, maybe I'm wrong!]

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SAFE_Port_Act

My general feeling regarding YC is that it's the worst possible accelerator, except for all the others. I have a sneaking suspicion that YC is best as a feeder program for corporate acquisitions, since I don't see a lot of YC advisors who have led a company beyond "got acquired and pushed out by megacorp".