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created:June 16, 2011
karma: 209
about: Hey Folks! Here's my speed dating style intro: I play Bass Trombone in dance bands, orchestras, brass bands and funk ensembles; I also know the intros to several tunes on the Piano. I climb (indoor only, so far). I recently tried out snowboarding, skiing and ice skating, and did pretty badly, but enjoyed greatly. I love cooking, though it doesn't always return the favour (as the burning smell emanating from my oven whilst I type this will testify). I also enjoy movies, comedy, eating & drinking, and various other bits & bobs. I work as a software developer, gradually moving into the role of technical architect, for a company who make bus shelters for free in exchange for using the space on them for adverts (putting it that way sounds better than saying I work for an advertising company, though that's what I do).

Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/110745911399341564511 Twitter: www.twitter.com/#JohnLBevan

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