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created:April 21, 2009
karma: 3198
about: I've been a professional software engineer for the past 20 years. I consider myself a tool-maker, someone who creates tools that make work (and life) easier for others. Let me know the problems you or your business face, the tedious things, the complex things, the things that seem like "there must be a better way", and I'll work with you to create automated tools to handle those things, so that you can focus on the real work that makes your business great.



Freelance Software Consultant - Jun 2017 - Present

- https://webbindustries.com

Senior Software Engineer at Surround Technologies - 2011-Present

- https://surroundtech.com

Lead Architect at Experian Cheetahmail - 2010-2011

- http://www.cheetahmail.com

Senior architect at Wolters Kluwer Medical Research - 1996-2010

- http://www.ovid.com/site/products/tools/ovid/ovidsp_access.jsp

- https://www.youtube.com/user/OvidWoltersKluwer