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created:September 5, 2011
karma: 425
about: I like building things that feel cool and work seamlessly. I like to work on things that make a better world, not just a fatter wallet.

I self-taught myself programming and wrote my first program in BASIC at the age of 7. Learned assembly x86 at age of 9, C at the age of 13, C++ at the age of 14.

Proper education and genuine curiosity taught me the rest. I am passionate about both technical tactical and business strategic stuff.

I am a generalist. When I can, I like to iterate on the frontend UI/UX and build nice smooth products, but I end up often touching system architecture, backend, databases, cache, servers etc. I strive to reduce complexity, increase cohesion of code modules and make things easier for the CPU and for the human beings.

I like to keep myself update and experiment with the latest technologies but I like to make pondered decisions on what the company should use.

Looking for a smart co-founder!