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created:August 9, 2016
karma: 349
about: If anyone reads this, you should know that I caught dang being abusive on HN, but then he deleted the comments and the comments he was replying to, and apparently banned the person he was abusing (who had done nothing wrong, other than express an opinion that dang did not like.)

You should know that the moderation on Hacker News is purely on ideological ground... and the culture here knows it.

So, if you are a leftist who hates apple and loves google, you'll get along fine and you can get away with abusing whomever you like.

If you are not, you should know eventually you will be banned, and before that you will be silenced and have your comments censored.

Hacker news is an anti-intellectual filter bubble, and it is rigidly enforced.

Of course few of you will see this because I'm going to be banned, if I'm not already.

But that's why you won't see any more comments from me.

You've been warned.

And dang, et. al. shame on you for actively making the world a stupider and more hostile place!