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Looks like a VSCode based web editor running on top of a VM.

I submitted it. I just stumbled on it while checking out the openings and about LiteFS Cloud today.

I personally liked the way it's done (very transparent and interesting at the same time) and thought HN crowd would be interested in these too ! :D

How dare you!

Noob question: Is it something that only beneficial for games or also be beneficial as generic scheduler ?

It may do, but the CFS scheduler is really good for generic purposes, and the new replacement for it, EEVDF, that became default in a recent kernel, does even better.

What I think is more interesting in this project is it's one of the first "real world" uses of sched_ext, https://lwn.net/Articles/922405/, which makes it trivial to build and experiment with new schedulers. It'll be interesting to see what will come out of the research opportunities this now provides.

If your general workload has no humans involved maybe. Trying to do anything interactive while also running something CPU intensive is very much a poor experience on Linux compared to osx and Windows. Using nice and cgroups help but are ultimately unable to fully solve the issues.

True. I tend to shove stuff in to cgroups and adjust niceness to compensate, so e.g. slack and email client are both lower priority and cpu restricted.

The core framework (sched_ext) was written for general workloads and can quite beneficial. It lowers the costs of creating and iterating on schedulers quite a bit.

To be honest, when they started working on it I don’t think any of us expected for it to be a source of collaboration with gaming companies :)

(I’m a middle manager at Meta)

I bet (as does TFA) that this is mostly targeted towards dedicated gaming devices. Schedulers are very workload specific, once the basics are in place.

Neat! Would love to see the benchmark to also include Mitchelle Hashimoto's Ghostty terminal when it comes out publicly. (now still under development/polishing stage and in private beta)


It's still useful in EC2 (or any other VM-based environments) and Docker containers, as long as you can install the necessary packages (if they are not installed by default). Because after all, there are "servers" underneath, even for the serverless apps, I suppose.

It's definitely harder for apps running in Lambda because we may not have access to the underlying OS. In such case, I kind of fallback to using the application level observability tools like Pyroscope (https://pyroscope.io). It doesn't always work for all the cases and have some overheads/set up but it's still better than flying and more useful than the Cloud Provider's provided metrics.

In Myanmar, since the 2021 Military coup, there have been conflicts and wars between the military forces vs anti-junta ethnic armed organisations




https://asciiflow.com/#/ works pretty well.

Do you happen to know what's the CppCon talk called ?

It was this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NH1Tta7purM

Not 10 years, merely 6. I was mistaken and thought it was posted in 2015.

Using eBPF based tools (like bcc) to debug the issues https://github.com/iovisor/bcc

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