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I find "they" to only be awkward where it's ambiguous (the same as "he"). It's more Shakespearean than Orwellian. ;-)

...is a class issue.

Hello constructive dismissal!

imgabe implied it's difficult for a company to fire someone. I'm responding that it's trivially easy for a company to make your life a living hell, and make you want to quit.

Yes and constructive dismissal is a legal concept enabling an employee who experienced something like that to sue and receive compensation for unfair dismissal. Companies generally don't like to be sued and don't put themselves in positions where they could be sued.

A lot of companies make you sign an agreement to arbitrate instead of going through the courts. That would mitigate the risk for them that they would get sued. Arbitrators don't use juries.

Hopefully the California legislature passes AB 465 and bans pre-dispute arbitration clauses.

Companies need to fear being sued in the courts if they misbehave, and should not be able to keep the disputes private and out of the court records.

Ah, got it. I thought you were accusing me of dismissing imgabe's argument without giving it proper constructive attention.

I don't really buy the argument that companies don't know how to get around this.

I'd pay more than ten dollars a year for a system that didn't treat me as the product.

That's even weirder.

No Gibsons?

I see what you did there.

Try GNU social, or GNU MediaGoblin for the pics.

Oh they quote Morozov?

That's an instant fail.


Do you mind elaborating?


Do read the comments.


I tried, but that smiling Republican refuses to budge and is creeping me out.


Totally. That's why, as with Bitcoin, you wait before accepting the state of the network.



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