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I trust the FSF twenty years from now more than I trust someone today who doesn't use "or later version".

So you don't trust Linus Torvalds et. al.?

Guy who thought bitkeeper was a great idea? Guy who doesn't do anything about nvidia's blob, even though he could? Yeah, I don't trust him.

> Guy who doesn't do anything about nvidia's blob, even though he could?

Well, other than flipping them off :)

If you already know vi then keeping them as you move over to Emacs makes sense. Otherwise I'd recommend not doing this, as vi keybindings are an airbrake for productivity.

Yes, always manage objects explicitly.

If we can't use scope locks, we should use open()/close() -style semantics.

The Rust hype machine has kicked into high gear. D suddenly seems under-promoted.

Philosophy is essentially a fandom. If they're geeks they'll love the details and drama.

Philosophy does develop the mind but not in an interesting or useful way even from a philosophical point of view. Beyond Wittgenstein's take on philosophy as therapy is Zizek's (implicit) take on philosophy as entertainment.

Zizek is right.

So promote philosophy as fun rather than useful and geeky rather than literary and you won't go far wrong.

Personally I find Stoicism useful. And I suppose that other schools of thought (or subsets of other schools) could be useful, and/or I might even be "using" these without tracing these to a specific author.

It's proprietary.


It may be proprietary, but it shouldn't be dismissed for it. It being proprietary is a drawback, but it still brings great things to the table.

Yes. They chose a known quantity over an unknown one.

I'd be disappointed though.

I am not a quantity.

Windows was founded on nutzo drivers. That's why they're specifying the environment so carefully.

Where did he copy and misunderstand this from?

The one that leads to fewer serious complications and death.

Which is vaccination, by a margin so close to 100% that presenting it as the greater harm and refusing it on that basis is completely untenable.


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