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censor-by-default is such a bad approach. if people are passive (very common) then HN censors. defaults matter, like with mailing list opt-ins, etc, b/c ppl frequently don't want to bother changing the default.


So if I write a comment that people don't want to endorse – let's suppose it's actually bad – then it's pending forever and I can never post again?


PG mentioned somewhere else that there's a 24 hour timer, after which point the pending comment is deleted -- and one can post again. It does sound to me as a rather steep penalty for wandering off the beaten path. One would be free to self-censor of course, which I suppose is the intention.

We'll see how it goes, but it does sound like it'll likely work against HN being somewhat heterogeneous, and (even more) towards group-think.


ok that's a bit less bad but i still think i'll pretty much quit :/



gg :( was fun while it lasted.


It Is Time For Basic Economic Literacy


I don't know whether you're saying "supporting a Basic Income is entailed by basic economic literacy" or "basic economic literacy precludes a Basic Income".


sorry. basic economic literacy precludes a Basic Income

see Ludwig von Mises


'k, well, I'm going to go with "Milton Friedman was not economically illiterate", whether or not he was actually correct...


My position: Milton Friedman had basic economic literacy but chose to ignore it at times, caring more about some other things (like moral and social issues – an area where he made some serious mistakes).

Many other people don't have economic literacy in the first place – and if they did have it, some of them would change their minds about Basic Income and other issues, rather than ignore economics to focus on their social-moral philosophy. One reason that would happen is plenty of people don't have a very strong social-moral philosophy in the first place, don't care about it much. And some would even change their social-moral philosophy itself, for the better, if they understood basic economics.

Spreading basic economics isn't a total cure-all alone, but it's a great step. Many people would notice the conflicts between economics and some of their other ideas. Some of those people would then have some success resolving the conflicts and reaching reasonable economically-informed conclusions.


It's been time for a while, unfortunately.


250k fine is very misleading:

> OSHA has subsequently forced Dish to pay $157,024 in back wages, $100,000 in compensatory damages, as well as the former employee's legal fees.

so 157k was paying a debt, not really a fine.


The OSHA headline is fairly precise:

US Department of Labor's OSHA orders DISH Network to pay more than $257,000 in wages and damages to blacklisted former employee

Back wages typically are "lost opportunity" payments, and not debts (in plain english usage), but rather contingent liabilities (because they are un-earned until administratively granted).

Similarly to how none of this was a "fine" but it was an "ordered" payment.


isn't top 5 per category way too little? if you wanna know what colors are popular in a category, shouldn't you look at like a couple hundred icons?


I got email from the people who run .us domains demanding a photo of my driver's license to prove I'm American. They did not understand why I might think they were scammers and want them to verify their identity first, nor did they understand how to verify their identity.


Are you sure it was them? Having a verified personal identity is not a requirement to have a .us domain. All you need to prove is that you have "a bona fide presence in the United States of America or any of its possessions or territories [Nexus Category 3]."

(It goes into detail claiming that you need to "state" your country of citizenship, but not that you need to "prove" your country of citizenship. An identity document is massively overreaching, IMHO. I never had to prove anything to get jrock.us, and if I have to, I will move the domain.)


I ended up thinking it was not a scam but being uncomfortable. It's possible I had originally put a fake address for my whois info, possibly triggering this, I forget. I'm not 100% sure.

Here's the people, i spoke with them on the phone: http://www.neustar.us

here is their first email in april 2011:


As you may be aware, in November 2001, the United States Department of Commerce ("DOC") selected NeuStar, Inc. ("NeuStar") to be the Administrator of the .US top-level domain ("usTLD"), the official top-level domain for the United States of America. As Administrator of the usTLD, NeuStar has agreed to perform random "spot checks" on registrations in the usTLD to endure that they comply with the usTLD Nexus Requirements which can be found at http://www.neustar.us/content/download/2659/32865/ustld_nexu... ("Nexus Requirements").

Our records indicate that you are the registrant of the domain name CURI.US.

On April 28, 2011, this domain name was selected for Nexus revalidation and confirmation. According to the information you provided with your registration of this Domain Name, you indicated that you qualify under:

Category 1 - You are a US citizen or permanent resident

As part of our verification process, we ask that you provide to us by no later than ten (10) days after the date set forth above, a written response describing how you qualify under the above Nexus category.

In addition, please verify that the name-servers that you have selected to use are also physically located within the United States as required by the Nexus Requirements.

In some instances, we may request additional documentary evidence from you to demonstrate that you meet the Nexus requirements.

You should be aware that if you either (i) do not respond within the ten (10) days, or (ii) are unable to adequately explain or demonstrate through documentary evidence that you meet any of the Nexus Requirements, NeuStar may issue a finding that your entity or organization has failed to meet the Nexus Requirements. Upon such a finding, you will then be given a total of ten (10) days to cure the US Nexus deficiency. If you are able to demonstrate within ten (10) days that your entity or organization has remedied such deficiency, you will be allowed to keep the domain name. If, however, you either (i) do not respond within the ten (10) days of such a finding of noncompliance, or (ii) are unable to proffer evidence demonstration compliance with the Nexus Requirements, the domain name registration will be deleted from the registry database without refund, and the domain name will be placed into the list of available domain names.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

John .US Nexus Compliance ___________________________________________ NeuStar .US America's Internet Address Email: nexus-compliance@neustar.us


I would love to hear how that played out, actually, if you don't mind.


Well their SSL cert on their website was invalid (just expired) and there was some kinda mention of them on some government site somewhere that wasn't quite clear enough IMO.

they got bored of trying to prove their identity and just said like "whatever, verify your identity or you'll lose your domain". i ended up phoning them with the number on the site with the invalid SSL certificate, getting the person i'd been emailing with, and she said i could black out the driver's license number on the photo. i ended up sending it that way. i think they were just stupid, not scammers. that was years ago and nothing bad has happened yet to my knowledge.


If you buy most stuff with a bitcoin VISA, what's the point of bitcoin?


One thing the anti-speed-reading folks never take into account is comprehension per time. They always look at comprehension for one reading of the material.

My regular reading speed is around 220 wpm. But I can speed read or speed listen at much more than double that. Therefore, I can do TWO speed readings in less time than one slow reading.

So for a fair comparison, you have to look at TWO speed readings vs ONE slow reading. In that case, the speed reading might win on comprehension, even though it was behind after its first reading. Reading stuff twice improves comprehension a lot, and can still be done in less time.

Or if I really really care about something, I would do a slow reading and several speed readings, and I think that's way more effective than doing multiple slow readings, for the same amount of time or less.

Also with speed reading I can do over 500 wpm with very good comprehension. The point where I can't keep up mentally or with my eyes is (after a lot of practice) above 500 wpm. But my regular reading speed, if I just use Kindle app or a paper book, remains under half that.

I can also speed read at over 1000 wpm, for light reading but not dense philosophy. Yes comprehension drops, but two readings at 1000 wpm for light reading may still beat one reading at 500 wpm for the same material. Or FOUR readings at 1000 wpm could beat ONE slow reading, in less time.

It's important to be able to read at many different speeds, and also use several skimming methods, and think of them as different tools in your toolbox, and then figure out which is appropriate for what you want to accomplish. If you always read everything the same way, you're doing it wrong.


If you have to read a document multiple times in order to understand it then you have to divide your WPM claim accordingly.


happyscrappy was being sarcastic.



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