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That's very impressive. Great for embedded devices, where the hardware profile doesn't change from boot to boot.

May be I got it the wrong. Are the time spent on the bid processing portion (CPU bounded) or the network messaging and connection handling portion (IO bounded)? When talking about eventlib and nginx, I assume the network messaging and connection handling are relevant. In that case 168K requests/sec doesn't sound too great.

This benchmark shows Ngix+Lua (openresty) is more than 5 times slower than the leading ones, which can do more than 6M requests/sec.


I'm curious. What are the sketchy parts about KeePass's cryptography?

Main thing I don't like is their custom AES-based key derivation function. I'm also not sure if it does authenticated encryption but if I recall correctly it does not. I'll have to have a look at it again soon.

I agree about the key-derivation (just use the PBKDF built into .NET dammit), but I've checked out the code, and it looks sound. It uses standard Windows crypto libs when running on >=Vista.

As to the auth'd encryption: they do that above version 2.2 http://keepass.info/help/kb/sec_issues.html

Thanks, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on keepass, there's a post around indicating that they're going to add Argon2 (the winner of PHC) when it's finalized. I might just do the switch now...

Thanks for pointing out these issues.

Authenticated encryption seems to get popular just these last couple years. Besides injecting unwanted data into the encrypted data, what other attacks can be done with it? For encrypted code, injecting unwanted code in the middle of it would be a big problem when decrypted and run. For pure data file like the the password database, would it be just adding extra garbage?

I don't remember the detail at the time but I think the lack of free tools hurt Eiffel's wider adoption.

You can always use unchecked exception like RuntimeException and others to silently pass the exceptions back.

These news pages have dozens of tracker. All those phone home. Ghostery to the rescue. Block all of them.

Edit: I've just turned off Ghostery and AdBlocker. Ghostery reports that page has at least 39 trackers.


People think they will compete with Boeing and Airbus internationally but they are not, at least not initially. They mainly aim at China's domestic market which has long term high growth as more people becoming wealthier and use air flight as a mode of transportation. Some estimate that the demand for new planes goes into thousands in the near future. It's better to develop and buy from a domestic manufacturer than sending the money oversea. In some sense they are competing with Boeing and Airbus for the China's and the other emerging markets.


Plex manages videos on your local network drive and streams them to your TV or computers over the network. It can transcode different format of the videos on the fly into the one your player recognizes. It downloads metadata (thumbnails, title, summary, review) for the video automatically. It tracks your viewing of the videos - new, in-progress (remember where in the video), and played. It groups videos in dozens of way as playlists to let you browse them.

I usually just dump the videos into my NAS and points the Plex server to it. The TV player points to the Plex server and streams the videos from there.


Doesn't Kodi(XMBC) do all that, for free, and without installing any software ?


Plex is significantly better than XBMC, it's night and day.


Plex is significantly different than XBMC. Plex is a media streaming/transcoding platform and organizer. XBMC (or Kodi) is a local media player and organizer.

A properly configured Kodi setup is far more flexible than Plex and offers a lot of significant advantages (PsuedoTV, for example) as well as a larger set of supported formats and playback options.

I use both pretty extensively and the idea of trying to replace either one with the other is distasteful. Different tools for different jobs.


kodi has pseudoTv too.


Plex is the one that doesn't have PsuedoTV


Huh? Is it? Every time I tried Plex is was more limited and clunky when it came to media library organization. And it required me to install software on my NAS.


nope it isn't. Kodi is more customizable.

Plex is easy to install, but Kodi is much more advanced and powerful. Atleast it is for my fire stick and home network


That makes sense, thanks for the explanation!


Even after dealing with command line commands for many years, I don't remember most of the gory detail of them. That's why I keep a note file saving all the common and interesting command line commands I encountered. This has enabled me to "forget" (offload) most of these bullshittery and concentrate on the real problem at hand.

The note file is just a Emacs org file with different sections for different topics.


Custom framing is expensive. Standard size frames are actually reasonably priced. What I ended up doing is to find a standard size frame first, then find the painting that fixes the frame. It's kind of backward but it works.



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