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Yes, it was my fault, I am a GitHub customer but never realized they have a specific enterprise option.

You can use http://www.zamzar.com/url/ and then convert it to an image file.

There's also online viewers like Google Docs, which I think basically do this server-side:


How Phaser compares with Cocos2D?

Phaser has a cleaner API, is more popular and has way better documentation.

How is Gigster different from the zillions of outsourcing companies?

If Facebook uses MySQL and PHP there is some truth in the comment.

To say that Facebook uses PHP and MySQL is to leave out the truth, honestly. They are a part of the stack, yes, but they aren't what makes the application scale to billions of requests. It would be like saying the local coffee shops website using Wordpress with a MySQL backend is using the same tech as Facebook. It's laughable.

They choose MySQL vs a lot of other alternatives for some reason and this reasoning can be applied to your use case.

> They are a part of the stack, yes, but they aren't what makes the application scale to billions of requests.

These are not just part of the stack, these are critical components within the stack.

To say that PHP/MySQL is just a "part of Facebook's stack" is laughable.

They are the core components of Facebook. Normal people understand that the characteristics of Facebook's architecture is unique to just Facebook. They can get away with sharding/colocating data that nobody else can. The rest of us have a tonne of integrated data that requires complex joins (whether at the application or database layer).

They are edge components of Facebook. Just from a brief interaction with FB recruiters, I learned they use a lot of Vertica in their back-office. Please don't propose that they are using MySQL for their main business when it's only powering app nodes which are just POPs fed by their real (internal) services. Approximately speaking.

I think because we are living in the prehistoric era of modern webdev. Programming in assembler is much easier!

> "Computers are great because when you're working with them you get immediate results that let you know if your program works. It's feedback you don't get from many other things."

No, you get that feedback from playing music and singing.

No what? He says "many" other things, not "any other things".

Cooking, dancing, playing with Legos, etc.

I played music badly for years, never noticed it.

Did you enjoy it? The same thing can be applied to programming.

I think you just explained some of the VB code I've seen...

Look at sites with salary stats like indeed.com and payscale.com

If I were you I would ask for a rise. My company also does Windows drivers and these skills are scarce. Obviously there is more work on Node.js than developing Windows drivers but the scarcity factor gives you an advantage.

> convince the masses money will rain from the sky.

Indeed, the money rains from the sky to a lot of people. This is basic clientelism and works very well for the politicians.


That's true but the local government and the company were terrible in how they handled the issues. Even the University of Buenos Aires who did the security review couldn't find basic issues.


UBA did not review the security. however the security issues were so obvious that it seems strange that they say nothing


Unfortunately they did. You can see the request for review here[1], and the actual review here[2]. I know the guy who actually did it (Righetti), he sent an email to the department a few days ago. The quality of that review was absolutely terrible.

[1] https://www.eleccionesciudad.gob.ar/uploads/resoluciones/ade...

[2] https://www.eleccionesciudad.gob.ar/uploads/OAT%20n%203-15-0...


I know the professor who did the review. He sent a mail explaining what actually happened, as opposed to what is shown by the mayor's website. The actual report will not be finished until August, so whatever you are seeing is not the complete report. What you are seeing is a preliminary result concerning a specific part of the system.

Unfortunately, even after the actual report si finished, the university will not have permission to make it public. So we may never see the real results.


The report is signed by him, so it's safe to say that report is an accurate recollection of what happened according to him.

Having a report on the security of a system be issued months _after_ it is used is completely stupid. This is not simply his fault, it's the entire arrangement which is stupid.

The report shows that Righetti had access to the source code. Unless you are trying to say that he did not have access to the files in which _actual_ security vulnerabilities were found, or that the source code he was given was _different_ from the source code which was leaked, which contained egregious vulnerabilities.

Keep in mind he pockets hundreds of thousands of dollars in this arrangement. That's the part that adds insult to injury. Further, he does not teach information security or anything similar at university (he teaches networking), when there _are_ people teaching such things at UBA (FCEyN), who would have been better suited for the task.



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