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Milk: Organic milk has higher omega-3 fat levels, but probably not enough to make a difference. Exposure to pesticides, contaminants or hormones is not a significant risk in either organic or conventional milk.

Produce: While there may be no significant nutritional difference between organic and conventional produce, organic does have lower levels of pesticide residue. However, there isn’t universal agreement on the risk those residues pose.

Meat: There doesn’t seem to be much difference, health-wise, between organic or conventional meats. Grass-fed beef has a slight edge over grain-fed because of higher omega-3 levels, but the amounts are probably too small to affect human health.

Eggs: There are no significant differences affecting health between organic and conventional eggs.

Fish: There’s not enough research comparing organic and conventional fish to draw any conclusions about their health benefits.


I think it is a great place to get:

1. Cheap crap from Taiwan

2. Random appliances parts (when something breaks and all you have is a part number)

without giving your credit card to some Chinese or yet another made-in-90ties warehouse website.


JoeAltmaier 30 days ago | link

So, an app that lets you buy anonymously? Brilliant! Really! Just give your payment info to one site that you trust (because its all about trust and nothing else); they buy (maybe in bulk; maybe at a price break) FOR you.

What exists like this now? What market would be best served by this? Is your app in to YC yet?


So maybe Kia should go for it: spend millions of dollars per year and put together the best design shop the industry has ever known! Design an incredible new studio for them to work in.

Interesting that you used KIA for this example. Several years ago they hired celebrity designer - Peter Schreyer, responsible for Audi TT and New Beetle - to do just that. And current KIAs are much better designed and still cheapest cars in NA market.


_djo_ 32 days ago | link

This is an important and oft-ignored point: South Korean car manufacturers like Kia invested a huge amount of money to both improve quality and to put design at the forefront of new vehicle developments, all in order to beat more established manufacturers. It has proven a successful strategy.


woobar 36 days ago | link | parent | on: What Dreams May Come

A lot of US employers do same. But it is not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket.

Any case similar to OP will become problematic. When you get terminally ill you will eventually lose your job. Thanks to COBRA you can keep health insurance, but not the life, disability and long-term care insurance plans. And getting new term life policy at this stage is not really an option.


tungwaiyip 36 days ago | link

I was wonder about this. Does employer life insurance do anything to terminal illness? I pay extra to supplement my term life. But if I get too sick to work and lost my job, what good is the employer life insurance?


woobar 36 days ago | link

I would check with employer and insurance policy. But I believe legally they don't have to keep this policy active after you quit.


woobar 36 days ago | link | parent | on: What Dreams May Come

Just shop around. I pay $350 for $1M term life policy. And I've got it when I was near 40.


woobar 46 days ago | link | parent | on: Apple CarPlay

My pet peeve with Sync is they disable navigation input via touch screen when car is moving. Even when a passenger tries to enter it. Instead they force the driver to use their clunky voice-recognition to do this. Which is much more distracting.

But this is a minor quip compared to how MS implemented Sync Services. It's 2014 and they use a voice(!) line from a pre-registered cell phone to connect to their services.


Your arguments are perfectly valid until the first time you arrive to your business meeting w/o your bags.


woobar 154 days ago | link | parent | on: Winning at Candy Crush

> since pretty much only one person (me) will bother to do it

Just look at the leaderboards in iOS Game Center. Top lists are full of cheaters.


> Except the commercials.

DVR. Start watching one hour after the game starts. If you want a 'no-huddle' mode, start two hours behind.


All three are parts of big asian holdings now. So it hard to tell how good are they on their own.

- Volvo is losing money

- Jaguar lost 60% of unit sales in last 10 years.

- Land Rover actually improved, up 30%



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