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Our new SDLC includes UMLs and ERDs for all new projects. Sigh. For a Drupal site, really? (ok, to be fair we do a lot of mobile development too, but a blanket requirement seems silly)

FWIW, contractor working on government projects (DOD).


I'm speculating on this being pure selection bias (and the natural desire for all humans to cherry pick something of which to feel superior about).

I'm a middle of the road kind of driver. Almost an equal number of people pass me (sometimes at crazy speeds) as I pass myself. My dad is a slow and steady type (and also feels superior about it), so I get to hear all his "stories" about how so and so passed him and sped up fast but hit every light just like he did, but he wasted less gas (or some other reasoning). However, he conveniently doesn't note the likely five other times in the same scenario where the guy hit every light and left my dad in the dust.

Personally, I notice people I pass a lot because of my dad's comments, and am very self conscious of when I pass somebody but get nowhere. However, most of the time, I passed that person because they were just driving too slow (I'll not slow down and go 5 mph under the speed limit just to make some random person happy), and even if they are going the speed limit, if they drive inconsistently (hit the brakes, slow down/speed up randomly, etc), I just want to be away from them and somewhere safer/less stressful to drive.

I use cruise control a LOT, so I'm annoyed at having to hit my brakes for no reason other than some stranger's whim.

Sometimes we aren't jockeying for position, we are just getting away from somebody.


arjie 1 day ago | link

Very true, my man. So I have no illusions whatsoever that I'm getting there faster. I'm getting there with less stress than if I calculated, though. And since I'm proactive about letting people pass (I guarantee you'll never get stuck behind me because I'm matching the guy in front of me and have space for you to merge in front), I'm fairly confident I'm not holding anyone back.


will_work4tears 1 day ago | link

There needs to be more drivers like you then. :)

Also, the less stress there is on the road the better, IMO.


I'm originally from Missouri (wife as well), Mom's from Wisconson, Dad's from Boston, currently living in the Seattle area. Nope, never even saw one until I was in my low to mid 30s. We used stove top kettles.

However, dorm rooms often do allow them (heats up water for ramen), but it isn't universal, and I'm imagining most kids are like "WTF is this," looks it up and learns about it for the firs time.


First time I ever even saw* one was when I was in my 30's and it was at a job I had. I saw a similar thread here on HN where some brits though it was old fashion and barbaric to use a kettle on the stovetop. Well, I grew up with those, though I don't own one myself. I just heat a cup of water in the microwave.

* - or conciously aware of seeing it. I might have seen it and it was just background noise.


stan_rogers 2 days ago | link

You probably hadn't seen one. When my parents retired and began wintering in Arizona, they couldn't help noticing that their neighbours were fascinated by this strange something like a hot pot, but just for water thing they brought with them. It was just like a kettle, but you plugged it in! That was only twenty years ago. So at the very least, there were regions of the US in which the electric kettle was virtually unknown, while here in Canada one was at least as likely to have an electric kettle as, say, a pair of shoes.


I dunno, I saw some statistics that put the median salary of a GP at 130k. That's in the Seattle Metro area too. Certainly some of the top make much more, but there are obviously programmers that make 400k too, but I can't expect that myself, or say that if you are a programmer you'll likely make that much.


commandar 7 days ago | link

To put some context on this, we're also a city with a heavy banking presence and reasonable salary ceiling for a software engineer here is 100-110k. Our facility does not draw nationally, and even regionally would rank good but far from best.

My point is more along the lines that I was surprised that these docs could draw that sort of salary in this particular market (and not that they don't deserve it). It was more or less along the lines that these are good, but perhaps not exceptional, docs in a market where wages are typically lower than the national norm.


And I'll note that I did specify specialists/surgeons for a reason. I'd expect GPs -- and most docs at my facility -- to earn significantly less than that. What I was getting at is that a specialist MD in a small market could expect to earn more than an above average developer in most markets. i.e., the doc absolutely has a harder path to their profession, but if they specialize beyond GP, they have a greater likelihood of return than your average specialist software engineer to compensate for it.


I looked under Web Developer and I'm getting underpaid based on almost all definitions. The closest I came to (but still somewhat under) is Webmaster (small company). I'm so glad that's not my title though.


I always get a mental jolt when I see a UPS truck turn left because of this "rumor" or perception or whatever it is. I certainly see it, and remember it when it happens because of the idea that they never do turn left.


claus1860 17 days ago | link

Interesting article! I remember watching the mythbusters episode on it. It all depends on what's more efficient routing wise. Time is money. Not all left turns are bad...


Yeah, frozen fruit (and veggies) are often better quality than fresh.


Yeah, they just about got me, but remembered I have to take everything today with a grain of salt.


I could be wrong, and I even think this might be an unpopular opinion (I'm not a huge FB fan, FWIW), but I think this is pretty good for Oculus. It's exposure writ large. Also funding, but from a Marketing perspective this can open some serious doors for them.

That said, I'm saddened. A possible greater exposure could have happened from another company purchasing it, Apple for instance, or even (some will shudder), Google.

I'm not going to give up on Oculus just yet though, but I'm somewhat disapointed. Even if Facebook doesn't ruin it, it's... well, it's still Facebook.


georgemcbay 28 days ago | link

I shuddered at the Apple suggestion, not the Google one.

With Google there would still be a very excellent chance the device would run across PCs (Windows/Linux and Macs) and maybe even iOS devices (if Apple allowed it) along with Android. With Apple, obviously not, it would be Mac/iOS only and fuck everyone else.


will_work4tears 28 days ago | link

True enough, though certainly the same with Microsoft, and possibly Google (Android only?). Maybe Facebook will be the one really only open one? I only worry that real games will not get a chance and we'll have a glut of "Totally Immersive Candy Crush!!!"



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