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From what I recall a lot of these where set up for those who felt the Masons where it bit to secretive or a bit to Deist for some peoples tastes

Unless you have a bond/guilt crash (one is due) and you can lose 30-40% of these safe inventments

If you can survive on the interest, the price of the underlying bond itself is not as important.

This is both true and false: a fall in the price of a bond reflects opportunity costs. An example: you buy a brand-new MacBook Pro (bond) today for $1800. The next day, Apple cuts the price of the exact same model by 30% to $1260 (interest rates rise, bond prices falls). On the one hand, you have exactly the same computer you had on the previous day (same stream of interest payments), so you could say that you haven't lost anything. On the other hand, if you'd waited a day, you could have gotten exactly the same thing for $540 less, so you could say that you're out that amount. And if you fall on hard times and need to sell the computer, no one will be willing to pay you $1800 for it, since they can buy it from Apple for much less, so in that case the opportunity cost becomes an explicit cost.

Err no you will have lost 30% or so of the value of the bond portion of your pension fund/ investments.

BTW the last bond crash was around 30% loss in a very short period.

I'm not sure what part of my comment you're disagreeing with; I agree that bond prices can fall significantly in a short period of time. I was mostly disagreeing with the statement that such a drop doesn't matter if you don't sell.

Not if your going to have buy an annuity. And remember most bonds are well over par at the moment

Except that doesn't work so well right now b/c most sovereign bond yields are negative, or very close to negative, on an inflation adjusted basis.

Whenever this retirement finance stuff comes up people mostly just extrapolate USA markets from 1982 forward, or maybe at best something like 1919 USA markets. I don't think history is so linear for this to be useful.

Realy its taken this long a "hedge" fund was always a niche investment option where etf's are more core investments for a portfolio.

And Saettle is like Manchester in the UK in having a traditional of worker coops

Apart form the bit where for long periods swiss mercenaries where feared and much more prone to war crimes than the Italian condotta

So what happens when you need to seriously use excel and the Mac version falls over.

Excel on Mac works fine, and we do some fairly sophisticated numerical modelling work.

In terms of Office, the bigger problem has been legacy Access databases. We solve this by setting up some VMs with RDP access for the Mac users. But there's also a couple Mac utilities that let you export Access tables to CSV which can then be loaded up into something sane.

A surprising number of people also use Project, Visio and OneNote and there's not really a good portable solution for those cases. I've been pushing people to use yED for portable charting (instead of Visio), OneNote is now available for Office 365, and people are finding Excel a good enough Gantt chart tool for many purposes.

Office on Mac is quite good compared to Windows, just not all of the products people expect to use are available.

The bigger picture thing is that this is going to happen and enterprises need to figure it out. Non-cross-platform applications and processes need to be abandoned. This also happens in reverse with remote Linux servers being easier to work with on Macs than via Windows (putty and winSCP sort most of the issues out, but they aren't perfect).

In my experience people really don't care about the desktop experience too much, IMHO Windows is better than OS X for most of that anyways, but they care about "getting shit done" and that means apps, and these days web-based apps. The OS just isn't that big of a factor so long as the things people need to GSD is available. They're choosing hardware and form-factor over OS and they pick the one they think will work best for them.

Well until a few weeks ago you where limited to 65k rows in mac excel.

Having struggled with OSX an apples obvious abandoning of any professional us other than a one man band designer - I hate apple hardware with a vengeance.

Run it through a VM.

Or as we know it in the UK trial by tabloid :-(

are you sure Director buying is well reported the Investors chronicle has a weekly run down of which listed company's directors have brought/sold shares.

You can read all about them at SEC EDGAR [0].

[0]: https://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearch.html

I didn't say it never happened. Just that it's less common.

James may did an interesting show about classic cars recently and drove one the surviving beetle protypes.

Absolutely some of the negative letters are worse human beings than that Minnesota dentist.

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