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Probably best not to circumscribe 'intelligence' even if the ant example is as you suggest. What is planning, forethought or central driving? Braitenberg nailed this back in 1986 in his book Vehicles in which he describes simple toys showing 'increasing intricate if not always successful or civilized behaviour'.

See chapters (vehicles) on 'Foresight', 'Egotism' and 'Optimism'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braitenberg_vehicle

There is an identifiable mainstream left and we know exactly what they think about behavioural genetics research? Or at least we know enough to claim it is demonstrably false?

So who is being overbroad here?

Your specific objection being? Or do you consider your rhetoric sufficient?

Any comments about the enthusiasts for the currently totally unsustainable welfare states set up in the West along with the massive associated debts to be loaded onto the backs of those as yet unborn?

sufficient for here -- and from me to you

it was a case in point

On present records, the statement is a truism but totally irrelevant when it comes to determining measures we should take to protect ourselves from a group like ISIS given their apocalyptic ambitions and relative wealth. We might also factor in the very shocking, and to most of us unintelligible, fact of its attraction for thousands of young people across the world.

Never mind all this rhetoric. Where is the beef i.e., where is the data that you believe shows that global temperatures have been increasing more than would be reasonably expected by random natural variation?

Here's an opportunity to demonstrate what fools the 'denialists' are and moreover win $100,000 into the bargain.


There is easy money to be had if someone will show that net global warming (more than would be reasonably expected by random natural variation) is supported by observational evidence: they can win $100,000.


Aside from being able to pay off some of the mortgage (if you have one) or enjoy the holiday of a lifetime, isn't this a terrific opportunity to finally wipe the floor with the 'deniers' once and for all?


"Estimate that there are 66,000 victims of FGM in England and Wales and warns that more than 24,000 girls under 15 are at risk. More than 2,000 victims of FGM sought treatment in London hospitals alone in the past three years."


Attack the head and albeit slowly the body will wither. Starting point: is there a single person anywhere, with a shred of intellectual credibility, who supports ISIS? The negative answer should be used to publicly paint its followers as the intellectually barren though extremely dangerous barbarians that they are. No need to spell out why this does not happen though properly handled, I think it could.

The lack of humanity will emerge soon enough if the practical problems of servicing massive government debt and supporting a European-style welfare system are not solved by having sufficient taxpayers on the ground to fund these outgoings.

Only my opinion but I'd rather be a survivor to discuss the finer points of morality later on than have the supposed moral edge right now prior to my dispatch.

Chances are overwhelmingly in favor of you being a survivor, media messages to the contrary.

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