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Agreed, and also: the insane long version is just str-<Complete> and a couple arrow taps and it auto-completes.

So it's just as short, from a typing perspective. With a lot of free bonus clarity.

I lived through the bad years when Apple's dev tools were half-baked and made you almost pine for the first dot-com bubble when you were writing Java (but in IDEA IntelliJ, which made it almost worth it).

But today Xcode is state-of-the-art, at least in terms of autocomplete, and it makes a big difference.

You are right, that is just some random drunk person on an internet forum recommending Nim (who has apparently picked it up recently, and says they are going to write their next project in it). It's not creator Andreas Rumpf or anybody central to the Nim project.

Just one data point, but: as a teenager I was told "your wisdom teeth might end up being fine, but most people end up having to get them pulled; it's up to you." I passed.

Fast-forward a decade or so, one of them was, to use the technical term, totally fucked. It was impacted, uncleanable in parts and thus had to be removed, but had gotten so wedged in that it not only pushed my other teeth crooked, but was extremely hard to extract, requiring the dentist to go fetch some other stronger dentist and then they both worked on it and it took way longer than planned to get all the pieces out.

That was lame, but I still have the other three, and now my dentist says the same thing is happening to those (and even I can tell, it is).

So now I am 41 with a busy job and young children, and I have to find time to have three wisdom teeth extracted in a procedure that is now going to be much more difficult than the simple extraction suggested by my dentist 20 years ago.

So, in my case, I wish I did it then.

Indeed, if you need it done, the older you are the harder it becomes as they grow and dig-in and fuck up their neighbors.

In my case I desperately needed it (8 wisdom teeth), but no one was around to tell me as a teenager. So there I am a few decades later with power tools in my mouth for hours, dental assistant was about to faint...

It would seem that modeling the patient jaw development over time would be appropriate. But of course this would cost $$$ as well.

Then again, if docs were to charge smaller repeating sums for the modeling, and remove the problematic cases for free, they might end up making the same amount, with less liability and work.

Yeah me too, status page says its OK but the website look like this:



    cd /[mason@IT-PC-MACPRO ~]$ cd Code/rollerball
    [mason@IT-PC-MACPRO rollerball (master)]$ git pull
    remote: Internal Server Error.
    fatal: unable to access 'https://masonmark@github.com/RobertReidInc/rollerball.git/': The requested URL returned error: 500
    [mason@IT-PC-MACPRO rollerball (master)]$

I've always wondered why I never see pairNIC mentioned on the "everybody knows godaddy is garbage but who should I use to register domains?" threads on HN.

I have used them since they opened (2002) and never used anybody else after that, because I have never been dissatisfied. (I don't remember if the box is checked by default, but they definitely offer whois privacy, along with services like custom/dynamic DNS and some other stuff, at no extra charge).

Their site is kinda barebones and old-school, but there are real humans in the rare case you actually need one, and they've never done me wrong.

So for whatever that's worth: another recommendation on HN.

[1]: https://www.pairnic.com/about.html


I used Pair right after they were accredited as a registrar in the 90's up till the mid 2000's but found they were expensive both for domain registration and for hosting. Great customer service but for a commodity like a domain name it's just not worth it for me.


Last I checked pairNIC was > $15/year for .com etc. That adds up when you have many domains. Therefore I use pairNIC for the domains I really care about, and Namecheap for the rest.


it seems they are down to $9.99/year: https://www.pairnic.com/prices.html


Wow! No excuses now. With pairNIC you can call up and talk to a technical person during business hours in Pittsburgh, PA.


> I won't question your parenting methods...

Ok, cool!

> But what you've described sounds like a meager existence. I hope your children can escape their taskmaster... More likely, they'll grow up shaped into whatever form you decided suits them... Therapists can't always reverse the damage.



It's not necessarily wrong to do any of that.

It had a profoundly bad outcome for me, but maybe that's a one-off. It's arguable whether it had a bad outcome for my physicist friend. After all, she is a successful physicist.

This was intended to highlight some things that may not be immediately obvious. Life is counterintuitive.

It is very easy to do terrible things by accident. Morals are subjective. Is it morally wrong to declaw a cat? Some are horrified and compare it to clipping off a finger. Others think it's good for the cat and perfectly normal.

If I sat here and said "What you're doing is wrong; stop this," what good would it do? Absolutely nothing.

Sharing data is a little different. No one has perfect information. They have to choose to do something, and I respect that. Highlighting unintended consequences of a decision isn't quite the same as judging it.


> If I were these two people, I'd contact the local police department every single time anyone shows up at their house and require that the PD fill out a report of some kind and keep it in a single case/incident/folder.

While I would want to do that, too, that's not how police departments work in Atlanta (or pretty much any urban area of the USA).


So true! For instance, if you had 8 pathologically pedantic Internet commenters, you would end up with 8 comments just like yours.


Thank you for that lovely contribution.


It is not illegal[1] to carry more than $10,000 (talking US law here) but you do have to report it when you take it across the border, and if you don't, it can legitimately be seized per the Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act of 1970.

However, in many (most?) parts of the USA, you are vulnerable to having the cash seized by police any time you are carrying cash. (Typically this only happens with a large amount.) This is insane, but it is the reality today. Theoretically, you may recover the money via the legal process, but this may not actually work, and in any event will very often cost more in legal fees than was seized.

[1]: http://www.snopes.com/business/money/10000.asp


> [Tokyo is] a place where if a person jumps into the train to kill themselves, many will curse under their breaths about being late to work.

That is true, but after having this happen to me upwards of 20 times over the years, I gradually became one of those people.



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