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I believe the difference is that Open vSwtich is intended to be used as a software switch similar to how a VM is intended to be a virtual server (and its intended use there would presumably be networking between VMs). While OpenSwitch is intended to be an OS run on an actual physical switch. There seem to be overlaps though since it looks like Open vSwitch will also run as an OS on a physical switch.


It seems like only methods can be decorated. Is there any hope for decorators on top-level functions in the future?


Unfortunately, due to hoisting decorating top-level functions is a real pain [1].

What should the behavior of:


    var myDecorator = require('myDecorator');

    function myMagicFunction() {
      // TODO: Make magic

- `myDecorator`'s require statement is hoisted above `myMagicFunction`'s declaration so that `myMagicFunction` is always decorated? (Results in a given `var`'s behavior changing depending on whether it is invoked as a decorator, an exceedingly non-obvious behavior)

- Function hoisting doesn't happen for decorated functions (non-obvious, possibly hard to implement).

- Function hoisting happens but the decorator is not hoisted (resulting in a sometimes-decorated function).

These problems don't admit of a simple solution (at least as far as I can see).

  [1]: https://github.com/wycats/javascript-decorators/issues/4


The relevant xkcd: http://xkcd.com/1252/


I've done this at my university, but in a slightly less obnoxious way.

We have a grid computing environment set up (using Sun Grid Engine) that allows people to run bulk jobs across both dedicated clusters and in spare cycles on lab machines. The way it was set up, CPU jobs on lab machines were set to an extremely low priority, so they don't interrupt legitimate use, and the jobs in some queues were set up so they'd be suspended when real jobs needed to run.

I'd submit hundreds of jobs to the background queue, which would run for a couple of hours and then stop. I also had access to a fairly large number of Nvidia GPUs which were used largely to teach people Cuda and run big simulations every month or so. I was able to use a pretty good portion of my college's compute power without being particularly annoying to other users.

I stopped after a while (maybe 2 weeks), because it was rather inefficient (I mined about 0.04 coins, at the time worth about $8) and because it was a huge pain to maintain. I would probably do it again with a different currency, but it's really not worth it.


It'd be interesting to look at how much of the 20-24 demographic is college students. In the US at least it's pretty normal for parents to pay for their children's phone bills while their in college[1]. Since about half of the 20-24 demographic is likely in college (in the US at least), I'm not too surprised to see that about half of the people in the US have their phone bill payed by their parent.

I'd be interested to see the demographic breakdown as high school, college, or not in school. I think it would offer more insight into a trend.

[1] This is anecdotal. I'm in college currently and most of the people I know are on family plans.


I don't get why that should be normal even if in college? I'd guess that 95-100% of my university class mates paid their own bills when I was in that age group in Iceland.

Personally I've been paying my own bill since I got my first mobile at 14 in 1999...

But I do wonder if this does actually include PayAndGo correctly?


In the US, family plans are often more economical so teenagers keep them when they go to college. I believe many people work out deals with their parents so that they pay for part of the bill.

If it were cheaper to get their own plan, most probably would.


I guess you might be right. I may be too used to the Icelandic mentality where if they'd notice something like that they'd think "Let's just allow for a sub-subscriber plan and charge them an extra 10% for a 'related plan' but with the same rates but different billing. They get there separation of concerns and we get a 10% extra."


That may have something to do with college (at least public universities) being free in Iceland and outrageously expensive in the United States.


That's a good point, I didn't go to a public one but even then the fees were easily covered by working full time during summer and part time along side uni: http://en.ru.is/studies/tuition-fees/ (~1500USD).

Unfortunately my MSc in the UK wasn't that cheap like that; ~26K GBP (42 USD) still paid my own mobile bill then.


This is pretty cool. The google calendar event to create texts seems like a hack though (even more-so than the rest of it). Is there any reason this couldn't just use the SMS gateways that pretty much every carrier offers?


I was expecting a power strip: http://www.apc.com/


For a moment, I was wondering what Firefox OS had to do with uninterruptible power supplies...


Or the Alternative APC PHP Cache?



s/languages/language/ and they should be radio buttons ;-)


makes note "no hire, insubordinance."

Ok, expect us to contact you soon!


Which was swiped from the actual life of Salvador Dalí: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salvador_dali#Politics_and_pers... ;)


It's pretty easy to fabricate a story to support whatever position you want:

You get laid off and along comes unconditional basic income. Your $20K is covering your basic expenses pretty well, but you're bored out of your skull (you sold the TV after you were laid off). Rob says he's getting the band back together and after a while you guys think you're starting to sound pretty good.

A year later your boss calls and offers you your job back. He wants to pay your $6K, you negotiate part time for $4K so you still have time to devote to the band. Your boss agrees since he can just hire another person or two for less than your old salary.

With your extra money you pay for time in a recording studio and new instruments. Your band becomes wildly successful and you quit your job since royalties are now making you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. And so you rise above your entry level beginnings and tell people stories of how you've achieved the American Dream until you die.



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