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AWS is not only hardware but also software, documentation, support and more.

Not everyone knows how to use API.

I do not think that is currently possible. Windows has support that no other OS has. Most big companies use Windows for workstations. Windows does not currently have alternative in that area and we cannot just throw it away without real alternative.

Robots. I think humanity needs that something will do non-intellectual work for us, like cleaning and etc. This I think will increase humanity happiness more than something doing intellectual work.

If the discussion is about the interesting topic I will start from top and go to bottom while collapsing discussions which I have read with “-”.

> but i learnt hard lessons on how to not applying for the wrong company.

Can you share what you have learned?

I think you should use as least dependencies as possible.

If it is "about life as well" you may benefit from counseling.

Also, maintaining healthy lifestyle will also help.

>full-on AI Rockstar

What is your daily work look like? What is your salary?

For PyTorch, while I have not learned it myself yet but I am planning to learn it and I have heard that it is good course for it https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/learn-pytorch-for-deep-lea...

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