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Just feed it a git URL and it will build the project and upload any produced artifacts in a release.

Especially useful for reversers and malware analysts

It seems to be too simplistic. Just sketch & pull. No Surface/Mesh modeling, no advanced mirroring/etc. tools and no CAM (I can use something else for CAM but would be nice to have) And most of all: it doesn't run in wine

Paywall free archive: https://archive.ph/xCfBT

I did that, the very hard way (I didn’t know better at the time): https://whynot.fail/homelab/lets-encrypt-the-house/

I actually set it up and it's much better than my previous setup. Thank you! Editing the post that it's totally useless (but leaving it on the net anyway, just with a note on top).

I'm kinda disappointed as I was very proud for the setup but hey, let's not get emotional over bits n bytes :)

Damn you can do this whole thing with Cloudflare for free? That's why that's a failure blog :'D

I'll give it a try at some point...

that's a good idea, but keep in mind that the underlying file descriptor could be of a UDP stream, or a TCP stream to another host. I finally solved the problem, check out https://github.com/dzervas/mage/blob/master/src/api_ffi.rs. When you bind or connect, I return a "file descriptor" that you will pass back to me and I use it as an index to a vector of connections :)

It works fairly good - although I have other problems...

True enough! I thought you were just going to see existing connections or something. What you're doing is probably what's going on under the hood anyway.

what is the difference with showterm?

I've been meaning to try something like this at work for training and documentation. Haven't yet, but here's the previous discussion of showterm:


A couple of interesting repositories mentioned in that discussion:



There was also mention of ascii.io (currently unreachable) and shelr.tv (domain squatter).

http://git.dzervas.gr/c4 An attempt to make this readable :) (at least with right syntax...)

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